Thursday, May 3, 2012

Why People Only Want to get Married Once.

Planning a wedding is freaking expensive, and it's a festering pool of anxiety provocation. I only plan on getting married once because let's face it, the only thing cool about preparing for a wedding besides the white dress shopping and cake tasting is the actual wedding day.

Revelation #1:
I should become a wedding caterer. Seriously, how do hotels get off charging $255.00 for a keg of domestic beer? That's almost a 400% markup. and $20 for a plate of mediocre food?!

I haven't calculated, but I fairly certain that I have done something wedding-related for the past 90 days in a row. How much planning can go into one day? This better be the most freaking special day of my life! Besides the money and the time, preparing for a wedding makes us (as women) feel the need to change the way our bodies look. Diet, exercise, tanning, etc. My fiance, being the sweet guy that he is, assures me that I don't need to do any of these things, but the fact of the matter is, I want to. I don't want to do these things for other people, because THEY DON'T CARE (see previous post).

Revelation #2:
I am my own biggest critic. I want to be in the best shape of my life before the wedding because if I'm not, I'll look back at my wedding photos and wonder why I didn't work harder.

Seriously, dieting and exercising sucks. I keep hoping it will become easy, but I'm still waiting...Don't get me wrong - it does get easier. I guess I have unrealistic expectations; going for a run will probably never be easier than sitting on the couch watching TV. Darn. I'm also fairly certain that french fries will always taste better than celery. But I'm still hoping. If you're looking for motivation for diet/exercise, there are some great sources on the internet. I really like the motivation posters from Also, Pinterest has some good stuff. Need some motivation?

BOOM. There you go. This one always helps me.

The moral of today's post is to vent about wedding stuff. And to urge you all to have a courthouse wedding (only kidding). I am so excited for the big day and I know that it's more about what the day means to my fiance and me than about how much the beer costs and what the flowers look like.

Revelation #3:
Modern-day wedding planning seems to take away from the big picture.

If I have to stop every so often and remind myself why I'm doing all this work, there's something wrong with the way things are. If I have another life after this one, I'm doing a smaller, more intimate, less detail-oriented wedding. The problem with life is that sometimes, you only get one shot, and sometimes you just don't know enough about yourself until it's too late. Life is all about learning.

In order to end on a positive note, I get to spend the rest of my life with my best friend in less than a month! Woo!


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